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The perfect place to stop in for awhile to visit! There's lots of pictures: Yes, Journey, Concerts, Cats, rocks and fossils, Etc.. see gallery below - and some interesting information to read and see on the Korean War, especially
the Army at the Chosin (Changjin) Reservoir.(See Gallery below for special Korean War picture albums!

Who Is This Kiki Person Anyway?

My name is Karen Smith. There are certain things most people know about me - my musical tastes of YES and Journey, rocks and crystals and my cats! And I have a real unique Dad - He's more than special. He's an Army Chosin Few survivor from the Korean War. That means a veteran from the battle of the Chosin Reservoir - Few, because so few survived. Dad and his Army buddies were in one of the worst battles of our time, yet have been overlooked for 50 years... Well, since my Dad is special, that makes me extra special - well.. at least my cats think so!
Picture of dad and me - back then~

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Khufu the cat...

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Listening to Journey 5/10/13
Iron Butterfly 12/1/12

Kiki Singing!!

I also love to bake - in mass quantities for Christmas! Baking Lists
Just a fun video - ok silly!

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Korean War Army

zoo pics

Big Cat Sanctuary, Tampa Fl


Chephren the cat

Khufu and Chephren together


Khufu the cat


***Steve Perry***

Cumberland Falls

Korean War Memorial

Harper's Ferry

vintage necklaces

Frederick, MD

rocks and crystals

Pumpkin farm



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